Hey! My name is David Nguyen (pronounced “win”). I'm a software engineer in Memphis, TN.
Welcome to my site! I would love to start talking about how amazing am I, but first I need a disclaimer.
This is a personal site, not a professional site. My thoughts are my own. The purpose of this site is to write more, share my thoughts, and connect with like-minded people.
Now, with that out of the way, who am I? The first word that pops into my mind is nerd. Not so much the dorky, never going to get laid kind of way, but in the sense I will absolutely fall in love with the most random subjects.
There was a period of 6 months, where I would read everything I could on coffee and espresso, 2–3 hours each night. Why? Who the f#$% knows. I don’t control my interest as much as they control me. Trust me, I have tried. Thankfully, I have learned a little bit of discipline and been able to reign in some control over my life.
Honestly, I should be more thankful for my insatiable appetite for information. It’s the reason why I even have a career. At some point, I fell in love with the idea of building something out of nothing. That's exactly what software has allowed me to do. With nothing but code and logic, I can make pixels dance on the screen and even influence real life. That’s magic.
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The legendary "Tail of the Dragon" road in North Carolina.
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Somewhere in Iceland


I want to live a life summed up beautifully in this comic.
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This Site

This site is powered by Next.js, deployed on Vercel, and forked from nextjs-notion-starter-kit. Blog posts come directly from my Notion account.


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