Life is a slide…

June 25, 2005
David Nguyen
"Life is like a slide, always be down for the ride"
I don’t know if anyone ever made-up this quote but…I was thinking about my life and stuff I been through and made up a little quote.
I would said my life is pretty boring. I never did much, never seen much. Always at home or at school, and now work pretty much it. I thought back and wonder what I could have done to spice it up. Sports for example: Only sports team I ever been on was soccer team at Apollo Middle School in 7th. I had a blast that year playing soccer and hanging around with my friends. In 8th grade I didn’t tryout for any sports, my only reason is because I didn’t have the nerve too. I was always thinking of what people would of think of me. I consider myself to be a very athletic person, and I know would of been fine in sport teams. Pretty much same all the way until now…I feel as though I have wasted my life.
The reason I made up this quote because I been going to Nashville Shores alot. They have this one slide that is huge and you slide down on a float down an about 90 degree steep and up on the other side.
Well anyway…It one of my favorite slide…Everytime I line up to go on it I get so nervous that I just want to go back down, but I never do. And everytime I have a great time going down it. I think of all the time that I could of just done something, like joining the football team, asking a girl out, and etc. What will happen if I just done it and not think about. I imagine that I would also have a better life if I did.
I wish that I didn’t think so much. That I would just "Do it!"